A decade of CO2 utilization R&D informs Solidia plant

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Sources: Solidia Technologies, San Antonio, Texas; CP staff

In contrast to portland cement, whose binding mechanism relies on water, Solidia Cement (shown here) reacts with carbon dioxide.

Solidia Technologies, one of the first carbon-minded disruptors in construction materials to garner backing from leading climate technology investor Breakthrough Energy Ventures, plans a Q3 2024 start for its first concrete production line. Configured to an existing 53,000-sq.-ft. building in Elmendorf, Texas, near Solidia’s new San Antonio headquarters, the operation will produce pavers and other concrete units using Solidia Cement, an alternative to portland cement. 

The company’s pioneering technology leverages carbon dioxide to a) activate the cementitious material and aggregate binding phase, and b) effect concrete curing that might otherwise entail energy-intensive heating or steam exposure. The Solidia process is credited with dramatically reducing (≥ 50 percent) the carbon footprint associated with conventional binders and finished concrete products, slabs or structures.

“The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility represents another significant milestone for Solidia, allowing us to independently produce concrete materials for the building industry using our revolutionary process,” says Senior Commercial Director Devin Patten. “It’s the culmination of years of investment to not only develop our technology but to do so in the right way that ensures optimal quality and higher performance.” 

“In designing and building this facility, we’re partnering with industry-leading equipment providers and engineering firms to implement the highest-quality, most-efficient processes in keeping with the innovation of our product line,” adds Senior Director of Operations Fred Dunand. “The plant will have built-in flexibility to produce a range of Solidia technology-driven products, with the versatility to accommodate additional products and developments down the road.”