CarbonCure streamlines environmental product declaration preparation

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Sources: CarbonCure Technologies, Halifax, Nova Scotia; CP staff

CarbonCure Technologies has launched a namesake service, Express EPD, with which concrete producers can expedite preparation of verified environmental product declarations (EPD). It  streamlines the complex life cycle assessment process declarations require by automating much of the data collection. Concrete producers can generate accurate, mix-specific EPDs through a secure program at an accessible price. 

CarbonCure Express EPD joins a suite of carbon removal technologies, field-leading software, revenue-boosting carbon credits and reporting—offered as a subscription package and bolstered by personalized customer support. “By adopting our portfolio of hardware and software solutions, including Express EPD, making the transition to low carbon concrete has never been easier,” says CarbonCure Chair and CEO Robert Niven. “We provide customers all the tools they need to measure and reduce their carbon emissions, increase their profitability and ensure a competitive edge in the rapidly growing green building market.”

Express EPD debuts on the heels of the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes $250 million to assist in federal agency adoption of EPD-backed construction procurement policies. Paired with the White House Buy Clean Executive Order requiring declarations for all federal construction starting in 2023, U.S. policy is leveraging the government’s massive construction material purchasing power to catalyze EPD uptake.

“As the demand for sustainable construction increases across the public and private sectors, so too does the demand for EPDs,” Niven affirms. “This is far beyond market signals: EPDs have suddenly become the new industry standard. Designers and builders want to accurately compare the carbon footprint of their materials with product-specific accounting. Using CarbonCure Express EPD, producers can easily and cost-effectively create EPDs for their concrete products without disrupting plant operations.”

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