Ready Mixed Concrete

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Ready-Mixed Concrete Truck

Ready mixed concrete is defined in the ASTM C 94 standard and specified for cast-in-place, reinforced and/or post-tensioned structural conditions. It combines hydraulic binder, primarily portland cement but also supplementary materials such as Class F or Class C fly ash, slag or pozzolan; chemical or mineral admixtures; sand, gravel or crushed stone; and water. Portland cement and reinforcing steel or strand are the primary sources of carbon dioxide emissions associated with ready mixed concrete and cast-in-place structures or slabs.

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association issued an updated Industry Average EPD for common design strength (2,500 psi to 8,000 psi) classes in January 2022. The IA-EPD is posted with a wealth of declarations in the NRMCA library of third party verified, plant- specific EPDs.


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