TIME100 Climate recognizes Brimstone, Sublime Systems executives

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Sources: TIME USA LLC, New York; CP staff

TIME reporters and editors include in their inaugural TIME100 Climate list two officials of startup companies developing low carbon, specification-grade binders for full replacement of portland cement in concrete: Brimstone Vice President of Materials Science & Geology Marcelo De Oliveira, Ph.D.; and, Sublime Systems Co-Founder and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Yet-Ming Chiang.

Yet-Ming Chiang
Marcelo De Oliveira

Oakland, Calif.-based Brimstone is validating a cementitious material processed from calcium silicate versus limestone, the primary portland cement clinker input. Earlier this year, it reported product meeting ASTM C150 Standard Test Method for Portland Cement performance. Responding to a TIME staff inquiry on the single most important action to advance the climate agenda, De Oliveira notes, “The U.S. government needs to use its immense buying power to accelerate the commercialization of technologies that can drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the most used industrial materials. This begins with cement. By entering into long-term advance purchase agreements, the federal government can unlock the industrial-scale financing needed to bring the most transformational, ultra-low-carbon solutions to market.”

Somerville, Mass.-based Sublime Systems is proving a low temperature, electrolysis-enabled method for transforming calcium-bearing feedstock to concrete binder. The company recently cited product testing to ASTM C1157, Standard Performance Specification for Hydraulic Cement thresholds. “We need to start scaling some of the decarbonization technologies that have been in the pipeline. When it comes to cleantech, if it won’t scale, it doesn’t matter,” Professor Chiang tells TIME staff. “This is a team sport—companies large and small, and governments state and federal, need to work together to get these new technologies out there where they can have impact.”

TIME100 Climate is presented as “a new list of the world’s most influential leaders driving business to real climate action,” their contributions evaluated on “measurable results and influence.” The premier cohort spans Catalysts, Defenders, Innovators, Leaders, Titans. Brimstone’s De Oliveira is an Innovator, Sublime Systems’ Professor Chiang a Leader. Brimstone backers include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a Redmond, Wash. entity launched by Microsoft Founder Bill Gates—himself a TIME100 Climate Leader. The full list is posted here.

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