Carbon Upcycling joins World Cement Association

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Carbon Upcycling supplied SCM for a Q3 2022 low carbon concrete mix demonstration at the Minnesota Road Research Facility.

Source: World Cement Association, London

Supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) developer Carbon Upcycling Technologies of Calgary is the newest World Cement Association associate corporate member. The company combines two routes to lower carbon dioxide emissions, notes WCA CEO Ian Riley: Sequestering the compound in concrete and increasing the availability of low carbon SCMs. “We look forward to helping their business to scale,” he adds. 

“By beneficiating low-grade industrial by-products from the steel, mining, and aggregate industries, our technology facilitates direct CO2 sequestration and provides a range of options for feedstock options to cement and concrete producers globally,” explains Carbon Upcycling CEO Apoorv Sinha. “We are excited by the prospect of working with WCA members in reducing their emissions cost-effectively.”