Circularity-minded Lafarge tests demolition concrete in cement feed

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Sources: Lafarge Canada Inc., Montreal; CMCM staff

A 12-month ECOCycle Technology pilot project has seen Lafarge Canada integrate upward of 10,000 tonnes of old concrete and building materials into cement production at its St. Constant operation near Montreal. Material from the initial phase has proved of equivalent performance to traditional cement and met performance requirements of Greater Montreal construction projects, including those supplied by the Lafarge Canada concrete division. ECOCycle Technology applications are unfolding under Geocycle Canada, a subsidiary of Holcim Group—Swiss parent of Lafarge Canada and its Holcim US sister business. 

Lafarge Canada St. Constant plant material handling and heat exchange assemblies. 

“We are advancing our goal of creating a circular ecosystem for construction as well as offering a material impact on our CO2 footprint through utilizing these lower embodied carbon materials as raw feed,” says Lafarge Canada (East) Vice President of Cement Andrew Stewart.

“By reusing construction and demolition wastes in the production of new building materials, we are reducing waste sent to landfill,” affirms CEO David Redfern. “Across Lafarge Canada we’re evaluating any opportunity to decarbonize our operations and circularity is part of this effort. This pilot is critical to demonstrate that we can effectively repurpose concrete waste, which goes a long way to conserve our naturally occurring resources and loops in construction sustainability—building new from old.” Concrete accounts for 4 million of the 10 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste Canada generates in a typical year, he adds.