Asher, Terra CO2 seal supplementary cementitious material production plan

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Sources: Terra CO2 Technology, Boulder, Colo.; CMCM staff

Asher Materials has secured an exclusive market license for the first commercial-scale facility dedicated to Terra CO2 Technology’s premier concrete binder, OPUS Supplementary Cementitious Material, equal to replacing up to 40 percent of higher carbon portland cement in mix designs. A definitive agreement calls for the Southlake, Texas green building method consultancy to acquire the 240,000 ton per year capacity operation, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, after Terra CO2 completes construction and commissioning. At the heart of the operation will be a reactor engineered to convert a variety of high silicate raw feeds—typically sourced from local aggregate operations—to OPUS SCM. Asher Materials will be positioned to promote the product’s potential to significantly reduce the carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions associated with finished concrete structures and attributable to portland cement content. 

The Asher Materials agreement follows a mid-summer OPUS SCM concrete mix placement at the Porsche Sugar Land dealership in Houston.

“Our entire team has worked tirelessly to achieve this major milestone—both for Terra and the industry at large as we move toward our collective goal of decarbonizing cement,” says Terra CO2 CEO Bill Yearsley. “We are delighted to have Asher Materials as a valued customer partner, and look forward to expanding our close relationship to license additional facilities across Texas.” Having successfully moved through research and development, pilot reactor construction and operation, rigorous third-party testing, and now to commercial deployment, he adds, Terra’s approach is designed to unlock construction decarbonization with no impact on existing mix designs, cost, protocol, or concrete practice.

“We’re proud to partner with Terra for our first environmentally friendly plant, making it possible to start building a progressive network of these advanced processing facilities,” notes Asher Materials’ Jonathan Green. “Our vision aligns with Terra’s—making low-carbon cement the industry standard, one region at a time. In the coming years, we’re committed to transforming Texas into a sustainable, cost-competitive construction leader and establishing a blueprint for other regions.”

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