Eco Material balances SCM portfolio with natural pozzolan mine venture

Sources: Eco Material Technologies, South Jordan, Utah; CP staff

Arizona customers and public officials joined Eco Material for a June 21 ribbon cutting at the Kirkland Pozzolan Mine, located in hilly, desert terrain 75 miles northwest of Phoenix. CEO Grant Quasha credited construction and mining teams, as well as plant equipment suppliers, with creating a world class facility—one advancing the producer’s mission to decarbonize concrete by offering alternatives to portland cement.


Structural Precast Concrete

Fabricated according to joint American Concrete Institute-Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Committee 319 standards, structural precast combines hydraulic binder, primarily portland cement but also supplementary materials such as Class F or Class C fly ash, slag or pozzolan; chemical or mineral admixtures; sand, gravel or crushed stone; water; plus, reinforcing steel and/or Read more…

Portland Cement

Raw material blending silo, preheater tower and rotary kiln at National Cement Company of Alabama, Ragland. Production of Types I-V portland cement entails pyroprocessing of finely ground limestone, clay and other mineral sources selected to yield the basic chemistry of calcium, alumina, silica and iron. Clinker, the product of the Read more…